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TrimFX Night Burn

Size: 60 Capsules


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TrimFX Night Burn is a stimulant-free multi-action weight control capsule, The scientifically researched blend of patented ingredients is formulated to help boost metabolism, assists with weight loss and reduce cravings.

About Lipogon
The Lipogon Lab Series Difference

By incorporating naturopathy LIPOGON LAB SERIES has identified 3 primary body shapes. The 3 different Lipogon Body Shapes have an accumulation of fat in specific areas of the body. The cause of the fat accumulation in a specific area of the body identified as the LIPOGON BODY SHAPES may be due to specific hormonal imbalances. Clients often complain about not seeing results, being on a weight loss plateau and not being able to get rid of stubborn body fat. However, losing weight is not about counting calories or macros or fiber or fat content. It is not about starvation diets. A healthy diet should address all the factors concerning weight loss. The endocrine system and hormones play an important role in successful weight loss. This is a factor that is often ignored by many diet plans. It is imperative to have comprehensive knowledge of the endocrine system and hormones which impact the body’s ability to burn fat. The inability to lose weight is often due to underlying hormonal imbalances. Weight gain may be a symptom of these imbalances. The Lipogon Body Shapes will help you understand the possible underlying causes that may contribute to weight gain. Understanding the link between hormonal imbalances and weight loss is imperative for a successful weight loss and slimming journey.

TrimFX Night Burn


  • Reduce late night cravings
  • Enhance thyroid health
  • Increase lipolysis
  • Increase thermogenesis
  • Protect against stress

How To Use:

Application Area         Taken orally
Frequency of Use      Once a day
Moment of Use          Evening

1- 2 capsules every night after food.

The unique one-a-night formulation is an effective way to burn fat while sleeping.


  • Mangosteen
  • CHromium
  • Proprietary Fat Burning Mineral Amino Acid Blend

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Stress, elevated Cortisol levels and a lack of sleep enhance Insulin levels resulting in fat storing and reduce fat burning
  • Tryptophan increases levels of Serotonin, that regulates appetite and sleep
  • Levels of Serotonin Regulates: Glucose metabolism is stabilised, resulting in reduced fat storage
  • GABA affects metabolism due to higher levels of the human growth hormone secretion
  • Repair and building of lean muscle mass, increases fat burning
  • Reduces Insulin levels and reduces fat storing
  • Enhance thyroid function
  • Enhance Thermogenesis and fat burning
  • Effective slimming, results and reduces fat storing


  • Allergy to any of the ingredients.
  • Do not take when pregnant or breastfeeding.


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